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Abi Adams

Female Health Consultant, Emotional Movement Therapist,
Founder of Project Woman

Specialties - Movement therapist and mentor, Lifestyle Guidance,
Functional Kinesiology, menstrual cycle integration

Social Media

Instagram @abiadams_mma

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Qualified at the Steiner School of Beauty, London (1999) 

Training in Hot Stone Therapy (2007)
Qualified in Acupressure massage (2008)
1 week intensive Thai Massage Training at Shanti Griha, Scotland with Brian Cooper (2008)
Training with Pinks Boutique organic skincare (2008)
Training with Union Yoga for 200 hour yoga teacher training (2009)
Qualified in Indian Head Massage at Beautec Acadamy (2010)
Training in Thailand with Felicity Keebaugh and Trayl Cade with energy lines and body screening (2010)
Training in pregnancy Shiatsu massage with Suzanne Yates (2011)
1 week intensive Thai massage training at Sunshine House, Greece (2011)
2 months intensive training with the World Yoga Family, Anand Prakash Ashram, Rishikesh, India for 500 Yoga Teacher Training (2012)
Touch for Health Introduction to Kinesiology (2015)
1 day intensive Thai massage training with Felicity Keebaugh (2016)
500hr 1 month intensive training at Budokon University, Miami in mixed movement arts (including Budokon yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, mobility and animal locomotion - 2017).
Functional Kinesiology practitioner 2020 - ongoing

My Journey

I was born into chaos, a chaos that I pretty much took on at a very young age. But I was also born into an intense love that gave me the footing to finally step out of my conditioning and start the expedition back to who I was born to be (at the ripe old age of 33).

My periods were a reflection of what was happening at home; painful, heavy, intense and sometimes frightening when I was rushed to hospital from passing out. But I was told this was normal…… My heavy and painful periods stayed with me for most of my life and when they arrived, instead of questioning was this right, I pushed back. I worked harder, socialised wilder and exercised stronger. And nothing changed. Why did I think this was ok?

Because society told me so.

It wasn’t until life threw a shit storm of experience at me (my close cousin died from a brain haemorrhage, I had a miscarriage at her funeral, my mum had skin cancer and my husbands oldest and closest family friend died from a virus) and I took myself out of my life and into a mixed movement camp in Miami that I began to understand who I was showing up as and more importantly what a period was! My training in Miami bought upon a 28 day cycle that wasn’t painful or debilitating and emotional overwhelm free. This got me curios (and for those that know me, know I like curious, wild and adventure)…..

So upon my return I started to research periods and was dumbfounded at what was presented to me. I realised my period was so much more than just a bleed, it was a way of life! I trained with the Red School as well as reading some amazing books like Wild Power. I started to ask if exercise and movement could be put into the various seasons of the cycle. Again I was dumbfounded to find out that exercising at certain points of your cycle can seriously change your life. And by putting my cycle at the epicenter of my world, I’ve been able to detangle myself from my emotional past and step into the woman I was born to be.

And so here I am. Ready to hold space for you and inspire you to do the same.

Because you can when the person holding you wants you to be more you.

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