Working from the belief that it is all in the mental game and mental capacity to perform well under pressure, we have designed programs and classes that allow you to change the way you approach your mind and body while exploring the opportunities available to you in strengthening to your desired level.

We are here to elevate you rather than burn you.

Help expand your knowledge and optimise your mental and physical capabilities in a safe and controlled way.

The only question we have for you is...

Are you ready to commit to yourself?



"What our brain creates our muscle will follow" ​- Lisa Shaw Founder of TMH

My passion and drive for understanding the human anatomy started at a young age from having an interest in an array of different sports and movement disciplines. 

I started ballet at 2 and competitive swimming at 8 with a firm interest in surfing and anything water related, obsessed with Kung-Fu movies it was a natural instinct to be curious about the human body and mind and the capabilities accessible to it.


It wasn't until my late 20's that I really began to delve deep into educating myself on how to become more resilient to stress and anxiety through movement, and through optimising all functions of the body and mind to work together and reach peak performance. 

After being diagnosed with PTSD in 2016 believed to have steamed from my childhood I began the journey into applying myself fully, helping others learn how to combine all the elements needed to reconnect, strengthen and recover, which has translated for me personally into consistency and balance with my mental and physical health. 


I have trained in many disciplines of movement and these days I work on integrating movement, breath and recovery. Coming from a background in competitive sports and the discipline needed in a dance career, I have felt the pressure to perform at my best. My days of competitive sports are far gone and my focus as a long distance open water swim athlete is to understand how to cope well under pressure and stressful situations and how this can be translated into our everyday lives, making us more resilient.


My movement, swim & surf background has allowed me to combined my knowledge from these areas and teach a full rounded understanding of the fundamentals needed to be more consistent in our mental & physical health and performance to whatever level we are looking to achieve. 

Once you have the understanding and tools, suddenly our capabilities are far more stretched than we could have first imagined.