We believe to become more resilient we must also be adaptable to ever changing situations we face day to day. In this section we are here to teach you how to move in a more versatile, flexible and dynamic way, while building strength and focusing on exploring different disciplines of movement. 

Mixed movement sits outside of everything that confines us to one space. It educates us on the importance of why we should implement many different disciplines of movement into our daily practise. These classes will allow you to explore on and off the mat, or even better no mat! Inviting the imperfection into your practise, as once we are perfect we become stagnate and no longer do we grow. 

Full Body Engagement

Who is this for: Anyone although we do suggest you have done some movement before attending ie yoga 

Ever felt like you want to be the best version of yourself? If so then all you need is that incredible instrument they call the human body.

This practise will delve into strength, intelligence and capabilities of the body.


Focusing on understanding full body engagement through dynamic and creative mixed movement, helping open the mind to how we approach our bodies and how we use them to their advantage allowing us to become more resilient towards stress. 

This practise touches of elements of yoga but is not a traditional yoga class. 

A strong body = a strong mind.

Mixed Movement

Who is this for: Whos this for: Anyone especially with an open mind

Ask yourself, when was the last time you played, explored different movement and what your body is capable of?

This practise is about learning more fun and dynamic movements that will allow us to feel playful and educated in a mixture of different disciplines. 

Combining primal and quadrapedic movement, yoga, martial arts and creative smooth transitions. 

This practise will offer some challenges but all are possible to overcome and will help open your mind to inviting in new styles of movement into your everyday practise. Sure to leave you feeling connected to your inner child, strong and intrigued to learn more into the world of mixed movement.

Budokon Yoga

Who is this for: Anyone

This workshop style class is a combination of Vinyasa Flow and Budokon Yoga.

Budokon Yoga synchronises elements of classical yoga with martial arts, calisthenics and animal locomotion, this physically demanding practice is ideal for movers of all types.

There is a focus on the transitions from posture to posture, rather than the holding of postures. The slow and controlled movements are designed to improve mobility, agility, flexibility and strength.

This is also structured more like a workshop rather than a normal class and therefore does not include a traditional Savasana, however, a cooldown/recovery time is still included.