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Movement is movement what ever shape or form it comes in. We are here to help you explore this, whether it be through traditional styles of yoga or combining dance, martial arts, meditation and many more. Below you will find it all!

Take time to explore and educate yourself on the possibilities accessible to you.



Does what it says on the tin. Time to restore and find balance.

To much of one thing as we know is never good for us and this practise helps us to slow things down, recenter and ground. 

An understanding of the importance of disconnecting from our over worked minds and pulling us back into connecting the subtleties of the body and what it has to offer if we only take time to listen to it.

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Yin Yang

Yin = cooling energy, yang = heating energy. 

Yin is more internal, passive, cooling and downward. While yang is more external, dynamic, warming and upward. When these terms are applied to yoga, yin yoga is a slower practise where poses are passively held for longer, working on the deep, dense (yin) connective tissues and joints in the body. 

This combination of both yin and yang allows us to work towards finding balance through our body and mind. When these two things are in balance our sleep patterns become more consistent, helping to preserve energy to ensure a smoother day ahead.

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A common misconception of yin and restorative being a simpler practise but we are here to educate you on the very distinctive difference between them. From the the explanation by Josh Summers, he describes it as ' a bitter practise with a sweet result'. It teaches us the challenges of slowing down you practise and understanding the physical benefits of holding postures for long periods of time, while combining the mental practise of slowing the mind.

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The Sanskrit word 'Hatha' literally means force. It is a practise which combines holding postures for longer periods to allow you to feel the postures. Tapping into the subtleties that the postures create on a deeper physical and mental level.

Also allowing for time to connect to the breath while building strength. This practise is heavily alignment-focused and educates you on the foundations of yoga


Traditionally known as Vinyasa Flow, this practise is all about connecting breath to movement. Traditionally Vinyasa may connect movements through sun salutations but ultimately teaches us about the consistency of movement, through understanding the art of transition.  Eventually aiming to move on one breath movements through through a flowing sequence. 

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Breathing Technique Classes

Our most powerful tool in our bodies is our breath, and rarely do we ever fully connect to it. Probably the hardest part of our physical and mental practise is keeping the connection to the breath. These classes are to help teach you first and for most the importance of the breath but also its power. Helping to decrease anxiety, depression and many other mental health challenges, while activating the creative mind and shifting energy around the body. 

Strengthening Movement

These styles of movement are designed to allow you to explore more within your practise, and take you to the next level through advance movement. Educating you on safe and controlled movement through understanding of engaging the body fully, instantly building strength and awareness, and mostly teaching us that the only tool we need to build strength is our bodies. 

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Mixed Movement Classes

One name, Ido Portal. One of the biggest influences to why we are a mixed movement studio. A term that has been used by movers for many years but is only becoming recognised now. Mixed movement sits outside of everything that confineds us to one space. It educates us on the importance of why we should implement many different disaplines of movement into our daily practise. These classes will allow you to explore on and off the mat, or even better no mat! Inviting the imperfection into your practise, as once we are perfect we are stagnate and no longer do we grow. 

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