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Summer Ready

28 day online movement challenge - Flex. Stretch. Strengthen. Fuel

Date: Monday 1st - Sunday 28th May 2023

Location: Online via zoom. Recorded option available

Fee: £35 with meal plan - £30 without meal plan 

Be the best version of you this summer. 28 days designed to see and feel real results including an optional meal plan to follow. A full 28 day schedule offered online via zoom live-stream and recorded classes available. Over the 28 days expect to feel stronger, more stretched, toned and recovered with full support along the way in helping you reach your goals.

Option to join our supportive whats-app group specifically for this challenge with motivational podcasts, links to yummy and healthy recipes, talks and more plus a great place to remain accountable. 

28 days include; yoga for specific areas of the body, full body engagement flow, body conditioning, deep stretch + relaxation, detox yoga, breath, meditation + mindset. Optional meal plan to follow. Suitable for all levels, age and gender. 


8pm Wednesday Wellness 45 - live or recorded

Wk1 - deep stretch full central body, core + spine 

Wk2 - deep stretch full arms, upper body + spine

Wk3 - deep stretch full legs, lower body + spine 

Wk4 - deep stretch full body 

7am Friday Flow 45 - live or recorded

Wk1 - full body engagement flow 

Wk2 - full body engagement flow 

Wk3 - full body engagement flow 

Wk4 - full body engagement flow 

8pm Sunday Stillness 30 - live or recorded

Wk1 - breath - meditate - mindset

Wk2 - breath - meditate - mindset

Wk3 - breath - meditate - mindset

Wk4 - breath - meditate - mindset



7am Tuesday Training 45 - live or recorded

Wk1 - core conditioning 

Wk2 - upper body conditioning 

Wk3 - lower body conditioning 

Wk4 - full body conditioning 



6.30pm Thursday Training 45 - live or recorded

Wk1 - full body conditioning 

Wk2 - lower body conditioning 

Wk3 - core conditioning 

Wk4 - upper body conditioning 


Saturday Sanctuary 60 - recorded only 

Wk1 - detox yoga 

Wk2 - detox yoga 

Wk3 - detox yoga 

Wk4 - detox yoga 

To book click the button below and select pricing then choose either with or without meal plan. You will then be emailed with all the details to feel prepared and ready for the start your challenge.

The schedule 

7am Monday Movement 45 - live or recorded

Wk1 - full lower body yoga - glutes/hips/hamstrings/quads/ankles/feet

Wk2 - full spinal yoga - lumbar/thoracic/cervical thoracic spine

Wk3 - full upper body yoga - chest/shoulders/biceps/triceps/wrists/hands/neck

Wk4 - full body yoga 

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