Our team says everything about us and has shaped our school.

This bunch of talented, knowledgeable and caring teachers consistently go from strength to strength through educating them selves in all ways possible to bring you the best in creative and knowledgeable classes. All bios are written by them and allow you to get to know why they have come to do what they do. Let's just say everyone has a story, let us tell you ours...

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I was a small human when I remember being my happiest when rolling, jumping, dancing, running, bouncing and spinning. 
Being brought up in a Chinese Malaysian tradition, sitting consisted of squatting and chairs, sofas or furniture where nowhere to be seen. 

This way of growing taught me quickly about the capabilities of the body and what is best for the body. It allowed me to remain connected to my inner child and continue to have a playful practise, which naturally has led me to more...
A few years ago I decided to take voluntary redundancy from my job as a Mechanical Engineer so that ​I took my first yoga class almost 10 years ago as I knew that it would help with my aches and pains and improve my flexibility but I did not expect it to have such a profound effect on my mind. I find that the body-breath-mind connection that is maintained throughout the yoga practice gives me a deep calming feeling that is very hard to replicate a
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I have been practicing yoga for around 20 years and teaching for just over 3.

My original teacher training was with the Classical Yoga School (CYS) in Perth, where I gained a 200 hour RYS certificate in Hatha Raja Yoga. Mainly concentrating on the principles and teachings of Ashtanga Yoga.

Since then, I have gained a further 200 hour RYS certificate in Yin and Therapeutic Yoga and completed a 5 day intensive CET in Forrest Inspired Yoga as well as CPD workshops
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My journey with yoga began in 2015, I was living in an extremely high state of stress, suffering from fibromyalgia and Crohn’s disease, along with mental health issues. I stepped into a hot yoga class and as I was walking home I felt like I was walking on clouds, for the first time in what felt like forever I felt lighter and happy.
I continued to explore many styles of yoga,
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My name is Sonny and I am originally from San Francisco,California, the land of the counterculture hippies! I came to Scotland to complete my MSc in the History of Art and loved it so much that I never left! While at university, I discovered my passion for yoga, and within 6 months I knew that I wanted to learn how to share the practice with others. I completed my 200 hour Vinyasa training in November 2018 and am now navigating a new world of not only being a student
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