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New 2023 dates coming soon


This program is for any age, gender & fitness level. 


Focused on integrated training. Integrated training is all about: enhancing the body’s systems so they support and strengthen each other. Combining movement, breath-work, recovery, and mental resilience you can super-charge performance and health to help you reach optimal performance to whatever level you are looking to achieve. Any age, gender, fitness level can achieve this. It's about understanding the main functions of your body and how to utilise them to their fullest advantage. This will not only reflect in your fitness/movement/yoga but personal lives too. Most importantly it's about mindset and the way you approach your fitness/movement practice. 


Integrated training helps us to remain calm under pressure and focus on key points that can cause much discomfort in life. 


This program doesn't involve you moving everyday, instead it is a very broken down program that focuses heavily into the main functions of our bodies and teaches us how to access them and utilise them through a series of workshops spread out over the month to make the program manageable for everyone. 


The 3 pillars we work from are

Respiratory | Resilience | Recovery

which are the 3 pillars that make up The Movement House.



into understanding movement and what it is doing for us, breath-work and how this is the key to achieving optimal performance, recovery and how making it the forefront of your training will help you peak and remain consistent, and mental game - how to control the mind to cope under pressure and stressful situations.



Movement, Break-work, Recovery, Mindset training. 

•Access to TMH full live stream schedule

•Option for pre recorded classes if can't attend live stream

•4 x workshops tailored to the program - 1 per week pre recorded available if can't attend the live stream 

•Full support for the 4 weeks 

•WhatsApp community group with access to VIP information related to the program &  nutrition, discount codes, podcasts, TED talks, music and full support. 


We will teach you how to apply what you learn in each workshop to your everyday fitness and lives.

All workshops are available via pre recorded



Calm under pressure. Breath - work workshop.



Repair 2 Prepare theory. Recovery workshop.



It's all in the mental game. Mindset workshop.



The importance of movement. Movement workshop.


to pre recorded classes & workshops for anything you can't attend live and full access to our live online classes. 



You can choose from;

1.Creating your own schedule that works for you

2.Tailored schedule to match your fitness level and personal life

3.Seek advice on what classes we recommend you integrating to get the most out of the month program 

*Note our focus at The Movement House is to make recovery the forefront of your fitness to help you remain consistent. We will only create a movement schedule that is realistic and achievable for you, tailored to help elevate you over burning you out.

Through this program we will teach you how to utilise the information you will learn and how to integrate this  into your fitness and everyday lives. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure you feel fully supported.

Ready to commit to yourself?

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