Who is this for: Anyone 


Let's get the week kick started and awaken all the senses, body, mind and soul with this energising practising, that will help shift blocked energy in the body, allow you to connect to the physical body and feel open and supple for the day ahead. 


Expect to twist, stretch, lengthen, shake and awaken. This practise isn't about the savasana more about focusing on leaving the practise feeling uplifted and ready to take on the week. 


Let's make Monday mornings the best morning of the week.


Who is this for: Anyone 


Say good morning and goodbye to sluggish morning and challenged bodies.


This twisty, heart opening, body lengthening, detoxifying, awakening and strengthening practise will help stimulate the blood circulation and release tension in the muscles of the abdomen.


Twists help to compress into the intra-abdominal which allows the digestive organs to experience fresh blood flow rich in oxygen and nutrients. Leaving you feeling open, supple and awakened. 


Depending on the teacher this practise can be flowy, strong or creative and if you are lucky maybe all 3.


Who is this for: Anyone 

Exploring connective movement and the art of transition to help keep you fully connected to you physical body through movement, while calming the mind and working on release postures to help eliminate stress and tension held in the body and mind. 


When we create a moving meditation through movement and breath connection, we activate the flow of energy that at times can become blocked due to stressful situations. 


This practise will leave you feeling quieter through mind and body and with a sense of relaxation and space within.


Who is this for: Anyone


This class blends vinyasa flow style sequences with longer held poses to build strength and heat in the body.


The teacher will take an alternative approach to yoga by emphasizing that the purpose of these poses is to bring stillness to the mind.


By bringing our attention fully to the breath and into the body as we practice yoga we can learn lessons about how to bring more strength, balance and ease to our lives off the mat.


By teaching you how to move beyond your physical limitations, this class will explore how yoga can act as a tool for being fully engaged with the world around you.


Who is this for: Anyone 


Lunchtime has arrive and your body is saying, stretch me, move me, energise me!!!! 


Join us in creating space in the body from a long morning of sitting and working. Focusing on unblocking any tension and negative energy that has become stagnant over your morning. This practise will make you feel fully stretched, allow you to feel spacious in body and mind and then leave you uplifted and floating out the door, without a care in the world. 

FLOW WITH BREATH WORK (this class isn't available currently on our new schedule)

Who is this for: Anyone 


Ever feel that lunchtime slump, and craving some energy? Well let's stretch and strengthen the body, while firing up the lungs through different breathing techniques. 


Combining vinyasa flow and breath work together, this practise is vital for healthy lungs, will help to keep you focused for the week ahead and will get that energy pumping around the body.

ENERGY FLOW (this class isn't available currently on our new schedule)
Who is this for: Anyone 


Ever wake up with the feeling your body doesn't belong to you, and kick starting the mind and body feels like an impossible task? 


Well this class may just be the solution...

Starting your day with this breath work and flow based class will allow you to move any stuck energy through the body, while oxygenating the brain to allow for a more focused day ahead. 


This yoga practice will take you on an energetic journey consisting of pranayama (breathe) work, you will move through varying breathing techniques to help release tension, while relaxing the nervous system and fuelling up for meditative movement.


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