Movement is movement what ever shape or form it comes in. We are here to help you explore this. Below you will find the 4 foundations we work of off. Take time to explore and educate yourself on the possibilities accessible to you.



Our most powerful tool in our bodies is our breath, and rarely do we use it to our advantage. It is probably the most challenging part of our physical and mental practise is maintaining a connection consistently. When we work with understanding the respiratory system on a deeper level we are then able to utilise the breath to its most advantage throughout physical movement but also our everyday lives. Making us more resilient to stress and anxiety. These classes are to help teach you first and for most the importance of the breath but also its power. Helping to understand the respiratory system, it's anatomy and functionality, while benefiting your training.


Your ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations by changing the way we approach it, making us more resilient and prepared under pressure. 

This section will offer classes to help you strengthen and stabilise the body and mind. 


We believe to become more resilient we must also be adaptable to ever changing situations we face day to day. In this section we are here to teach you how to move in a more versatile, flexible and dynamic way, while building strength and focusing on exploring different disaplinces of movement. 

Mixed movement sits outside of everything that confineds us to one space. It educates us on the importance of why we should implement many different disaplines of movement into our daily practise. These classes will allow you to explore on and off the mat, or even better no mat! Inviting the imperfection into your practise, as once we are perfect we are stagnate and no longer do we grow. 


'Repair' is a word we frequently associate with something that is broken but this can also be a word used to ensure the repair and recovery time from training, a long day or stressful situations.

This section will offer classes that will focus on stretching out targeted areas, while encouraging us to slow things down and recenter. Aiming to reduce stress and anxiety and repairing and preparing the body to cope better under pressure