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our pillars



Movement is movement what ever shape or form it comes in. We are here to help you explore this. Below you will find the our pillars that we move from. Take time to explore and educate yourself on the possibilities accessible to you.

Our most powerful tool in our bodies is our breath, and rarely do we use it to our advantage. It is probably the most challenging part of our physical and mental practise is maintaining a connection consistently. When we work with understanding the respiratory system on a deeper level we are then able to utilise the breath to it's most advantage throughout physical movement but also our everyday lives. Making us more resilient to stress and anxiety.

We use recovery to repair + prepare the mind + body. Through scientific and holistic techniques and tools our aim is to offer accessible, knowledgeable + informative classes that allow you to feel in control of your body and mind. We focus on key systems of the body to ensure you are down regulating where possible and encouraging you to slow things down and recenter. Aiming to reduce stress and anxiety and repairing and preparing the body to cope better under pressure.

Your ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations by changing the way we approach them by becoming more adaptable, flexible + dynamic through movement. This section will offer classes to help you strengthen and stabilise the body and mind. 

What our brain creates our muscle will follow. We help you build happier heads as to where your internal dialogue is one of clarity, focus, motivation + belief. We believe this comes from practise practise practise.

We help you break habitual patterns and ways of thinking that have become outdated in your day to day life and replace this with a clearer mindset that teaches you anything is possible.

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