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HUMAN - being Retreat with Lisa Shaw + Ashley Roy

Sat 1st - Sun 2nd April 2023

This retreat is for any age, gender and ability. You don't need to have done any movement or yoga to join.

Join us for a weekend retreat where you will be transport into an environment in which you can begin to reset and reconnect to your physical being. Set in a location that will allow you to feel like you have stepped out of your everyday lives and straight into nature while connecting with a community all striving for one thing to feel and be the very best of their human selves.  


As humans of the 21st century we are surrounded and subjected to noise and stimulation that has us constantly up-regulating our nervous system which leaves us in a constant state of fight or flight. Sedentary lifestyles have us surviving without ever truly connecting to our being. We want to help you break down the patterns and habits that we as humans have come to accept as a way of living. Instead we will help you come back to the very being of yourself through awakening the senses and understanding the history and foundations of movement and nutrition while connecting to a community and our surroundings. 


Our aim is to help you harness the central nervous system to a more relaxed regulated and manageable state and we believe this is through presence, breath, play, movement, grounding, nutrition and community. 


The program is situated in an inspiring environment in West Barns, East Lothian. A converted stone barn built in 1806 engulfed by nature is the perfect setting for our HUMAN - being Retreat with a large fire to keep us cosy and warm we know you will love this experience. 

Dates + Layout

(When you book you will receive a breakdown of the schedule throughout each day)

Saturday 1st April 10am - 3pm

Shoshin - The Beginners Mind

Awakening of the senses through movement + breath work.

Learn to harness the breath while moving through the 5 human senses from a place of Shoshin.

Grounding + Re-rooting

Helping you harness the central nervous system through movement, meditation, breath work + light to begin to ground and re-root.

Communal Feast included

Dine together, share + connect through our communal feast.

Sunday 2nd April 10am - 5pm

History + Foundations

Explore the foundations and history of movement + nutrition by taking it back to the beginning of time.

Awaken the body and mind through education + movement.

Communal Feast included

Dine together, share + connect through our communal feast.

Closing ceremony with a very special surprise

£285 HUMAN - being Weekend Retreat


Movement, Break-work, Recovery, Mindset + Nutrition

Communal feast both days to meet your dietary requirements ​

All equipment

Special surprise

*We offer accommodation to anyone traveling from afar or abroad. Please let us know if you require this and we will forward you the details.

Ready to be a HUMAN being rather than a human doing?

*Note Please feel free to click the button below to ask any question as this will take you through to an email address where we will send you more information and booking details if interested. By clicking book now you are not committing to anything.

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