Joe Anderson

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200 hour Vinyasa Flow with Tribe Yoga, Edinburgh Scotland

(Yoga Alliance Certified)

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My Journey

I started practicing yoga around ten years ago. Those first steps into class felt intimidating, but in the years since, my yoga mat has become my personal space for play, rest, and self-exploration. I often feel that I didn’t decide to do yoga, it decided to do me and it was while living in California that I started to practice regularly. In those early days, each time I sat down to meditate or stepped onto the mat to move, I would come away a little lighter and a little happier. I became curios about why this was and delved into the philosophy and psychology of yoga to learn more. 

Through these tools I began to see that I had always had a negative outlook on myself, both physically and mentally. I wanted my body to look a certain way, but I was trying to beat it into shape by using shame as motivation. I was prone to anxiety and depression, but kept it as quiet as possible. Yoga gave me the strength, flexibility, and confidence I desired, but through a process of learning to love everything that I am. A big part of this journey has been rethinking what I think it means to be a man. Experimenting with movement allowed me to feel confident in my body and find a freedom from social rules that tell us men shouldn’t talk about emotions or behave in certain ways.

I now see this practice as something that goes far beyond the mat. The wider philosophy of yoga teaches us how to live in harmony with ourselves, the people around us, and the natural world. I am passionate about transmitting these ancient teachings in accessible language that imparts lessons for the unique challenges of the modern world. I feel so grateful to be able to share this practice. In my classes you can expect to find a safe space to play, experiment, relax, and find your own unique path in yoga.