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Image by Tetbirt Salim


A projected dedictaed to elevate over discriminate, while helping children discover their worth, capbailiies and confidence.  

A project dedicated in helping children and young adults experiencing trauma & PTSD have a brighter, fuller more confident future as to where they feel in control of their traumas and triggers.



Lisa Shaw founder of The Movement House has created the Land 2 Sea Project which is dedicated to elevate over discriminate children & young adults, while helping them discover they're worth, capabilities and confidence in a safe and inspiring environment where they can grow, learn, breath and reconnect.

Focused on land & sea based movement patterns & breath technique, while bringing the two elements of land and sea together. This project will provide children with the tools to take control back from triggering situations through connecting them back to  nature and they're natural surroundings

more information coming soon 2022...

Read about Lisa's mammoth swim challenge in support of children & young adults experiencing trauma & PTSD


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