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Mixed Movement  + Yoga Guide


Mobility Instructor 

Personal Trainer/Calisthenics/Strength/ Endurance 

Long Distance Swim Athlete 

Trained Dan

50 hour training none certified with Budokon

200 hours Yoga London, London

200 hours Bikram Yoga, California 

300 hours Fierce Grace, London/Italy

400 hour BodyMindLife, Australia 

Social Media

Instagram: @lisashawmovement

My Journey

I was a small human when I remember being my happiest when rolling, jumping, dancing, running, bouncing and spinning. 

Being brought up in a Chinese Malaysian tradition, sitting consisted of squatting and chairs, sofas or furniture where nowhere to be seen. 


This way of growing taught me quickly about the capabilities of the body and what is best for the body. It allowed me to remain connected to my inner child and continue to have a playful practise, which naturally has led me to more dynamic and diverse disciplines of movement but most importantly has allowed me to understand the benefits of the physical aspects of movements and how it allows for the ever strengthening qualities of the mental aspect.

After being faced with a long journey of repair due to the loss of someone dear to me, I was fortunate enough to discover many techniques and tools of self help, but the one thing that I found the most powerful and saved my life was movement, and trust me I do not say that lightly. This is when I really began to understand the power of movement and what our physical is doing for our mental health, it is one of our biggest focuses at the studio. It was then that I made a conscious decision to dedicate my life to helping others understand the power of movement. And here we are!

A little about me and my movement background.

With 1,700hrs of training behind me and thousands of hours teaching worldwide, I offer an array of styles and specific benefits, while inviting all levels to practise along side me.

With a background in dance, choreography, martial arts, surfing and long distance open-water swimming, I understand and have studied the human anatomy on a deep level, and my dynamic, creative style will takes you on a journey through breath control, fluid movement, body engagement, callisthenics, animalistic education, power, strength, alignment, grounding, transition of weight, balance and restoring.​

I believe in opening the mind to your practise, moving outside of your comfort zones and exploring your capabilities, while finding your personal journey through an adventure of movement by creating an equilibrium between a state of physical and mental balance.

These days I teach and explore a variety of disciplines of movement, as I believe too much of one thing isn't always good for us. For example, within yoga alone we do not hang, nor do we play with quick reactions, encouraging the body to move in fast unknown ways. This has naturally lead me to

cultivating an open space as to where you can feel as free and expressive as you want, creating room to take your practise on it's own personal journey into an exciting and unknown place and to explore movement in ways that are natural to our bodies since a young age. 

"To be flexible in our bodies we must be flexible in our minds first, to be strong in our bodies we must be strong in our minds first.

Embrace the power of movement"

Lisa Shaw

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