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As we move into this next chapter we would like to encourage you to focus on the journey rather than the destination. Below will help you to have a clearer idea on how we are transitioning in our new space so your journey with us is made all that bit smoother  


The New Space


This 200 year old building used to be home to the old Leith train station. It is a beautiful extension of the original Movement House space, which allows us to still feel very connected. 


We have joined forces with The Wellness Hub Leith at The Leith Arches in collaboration of this multi functional space. 


The space comprises a mezzanine level with stunning large arched windows and original red brick work. This space would usually hold 30 mats but due to government guidelines we will be allocating a maximum of 10 spaces. This will allow much space for social  distancing while practicing. 


The downstairs level which would usually hold a further 40 mats, is home to 'Amped Ride with Bridget' and has 15 spin bikes. This is a separate activity that comes under The Wellness Hub Leith. For now this is not included in The Movement House membership but of course you are invited to purchase passes for this separately, along with Campbell Watts Boot Camp Barre class. 


There are 3 toilets in a seperate part of the building that can also be used for changing, along with an outdoor area, if the Scottish weather kindly takes a turn into the sunshine. 

How will it all work?

As a multi functional space, sometimes there may be two classes running at the same time. The schedule has been designed to ensure the two classes running at the same time are not ones that will interfere with sound. For example, The Movement House Endurance or Mobility class can run at the same time as cycle but a Yin or Restore class will have no other classes running at the same time, to ensure complete silence. 


Thanks to new age technology, the cycle classes will be silent as they will be wearing headphones. 


We have tested this strategy and it worked great!


Entering & Exiting

•We ask for you to arrive no more than 20 minutes before your class and no later than 5 minutes before the class starts. As there is a system we have to follow each time you enter and exit the building, anyone who arrives after 5 minutes before the class starts unfortunately won't be allowed into the class. 


•There will be a one way system that will be clearly marked out and will be followed on the way in and out of the building to ensure no cross overs. 


•As you come into the space there will be a place to hang your jackets and place your shoes, you will then follow the one way system and place your mat in the locations marked out. 


•We have staggered classes if there are two classes running at the same time, again to ensure no cross over times.


What do I need to bring and be mindful of?

•We ask that you arrive wearing your mask and to keep your mask on at all times until the class starts. You then are welcome to remove your mask or to keep your mask on through the practice. The teacher will let you know when you can remove your mask. 


•We aim to reduce the noise as much as possible and ask that we all respect the space and others by keeping talking to a minimum. If you are talking please be sure you are wearing your mask while doing so. 


•Please try not to crowd up your allocated space but we are happy for you to have your mask, hand sanitiser and props by your side. 


•As The Movement House will always be located on the mezzanine level, there is a very wide and sturdy staircase leading to it. We ask for you to avoid the handrail if possible and if not to please bring a glove to wear on your way up and down. 


•There will be a sanitiser located about the building, we encourage you to use them as much as possible, or even better to bring your own.


•Please come ready for class, avoiding the toilets/changing rooms where possible but of course if you need the bathroom please feel free to go. 



Please be sure to bring your own mat and encouraging you to clean your mat down at home before and after a class. 


In studio props 

We have decided to supply some props for your comfort and to make it easier for travel from and to the studio and more affordable. 


What props will I need?

Props you will need to bring with you. We suggest to bring to all classes just incase 

  • Mat 

  • Blanket - can be a towel also 

  • Strap - can be a belt, tie, scarf, theraband, rope old leggins etc

  • CLEAN pillowcase. Please make sure this is not a pillow case directly off your pillow 


What we supply

  • Bolsters - We will be supplying bolster, we ask that you are to bring a clean pillow case to place over the bloster at the beginning of class and wash after each time you use it

  • Blocks - You can place a blanket over the blocks if this makes you feel more comfortable and we ask you to clean your own blocks down after class. We will supply wipes

If you would like to buy your own props we have a 10% discount with Ekotek, a local small business based in the heart of Leith. They are also the suppliers to the Movement House. Simply use the code MOVEMENT10 at the checkout online and you will receive your 10% off. Please feel free, even if you are not practising with us, to use this code. They also ship abroad. 


•The teachers will remain on his/her mat at all times during the class and the class will also be live streamed but the camera will be pointing directly at the teacher, so no one else will be in view if people are tuning in from home. 


•The archway has a big roll door at the front of the building which will be opened after every class to allow for airflow throughout the building. This will also be opened if the building becomes too hot. 


•We have left a minimum of 45 minutes between each class to allow time to clean the space ready for the next class after. We will also have a deep clean twice a day morning and night.


•Music may be played in classes (depending on teacher) but will be kept to a minimum level, so the teacher doesn't have to raise their voice and so anyone live streaming (online) into the class can also hear the teacher clearly. 


In Studio Booking 

Booking will now be done online ONLY and there will be a cut off time of 1hr before class. Due to limited spaces we ask that if you have booked for a class and are unable to attend, that you cancel your space through the MindBody App so this frees up a space for someone else to attend. 


Online Booking 

There will be a cut of time of 1hr before class and this is when the zoom link will also be sent out to you. This gives the teacher enough time to prepare before class. 


Cancellation Fee

We ask for all cancellations to happen 4hrs previous to class start time and if cancellation occurs after the 4hrs there will be a £5 cancellation fee charged to your account and deducted at the end of each month. This is to help you to commit to class but also to allow time for others to take your space. As I'm sure you can all imagine, small businesses more than ever need your help and support, with limited spaces on the mat, it is only fair we allow others to have the opportunity to practise in person too.


You are able to cancel your own class, through your MindyBody account. You don't need to contact the studio to do this. 


It is important to bear in mind this is all trial and error for us all. We ask for everyone to be sensitive and conscious as the next chapter as it unfolds. 


The Movement House team will do our utmost to keep you all as safe as possible, while protecting ourselves and ask that you practise the art of patience, while we find our feet.



Please make sure all your details, email addresses and phone numbers are up to date on your MindBody app. Also to ensure you receive all up to date information via email or text, we ask for you to check through your account that you are opted in for emails and information, without this we can not send you anything. 



Any feedback as always is more than welcomed and even more so right now. So please do not hold back if you feel something can be improved in any way or if you feel we need to be made aware of something. This will ensure we grow in a positive way and will help us to listen and take action. 


We hope you can digest all this information, take time, breath! 

Respect & Patients


We are all aware, there are a lot of mixed emotions flying around at the moment, excitement, anxiety etc and even though we are super excited to be reopening we are also conscious of this next chapter being slightly uncertain. We ask that we all be as mindful as possible to the ever changing situations that unfold and be conscious to those around you and their space. 

As alien as this may all feel and it will take a wee while to adjust, let's not lose sight of how incredible it feels to all be moving together. What we had before covid at, The Movement House is still alive we just need to take our time, safely and consciously to unleash it again.


We are committed to getting you to the best place we can through movement and we hope you are committed to wanting to learn.


With much excitement towards a brighter future, we Thank You and can't wait to see you all on the mat physically or virtually soon!  

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