Paula Radziszewska

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200 hour Vinyasa Flow with Tribe Yoga, Edinburgh Scotland

(Yoga Alliance Certified)

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My Journey

My true journey with Yoga began when I stepped back into my mat in 2016 after losing my son 5 days after he was born. 

Left with many physical complications and trauma, unable to take part in any strong physical classes – I decided to explore gentler, more restorative practices.And as annoyed as I was to deal with all of that I wasn't able to do -  I quickly learned how through meditation and slow, but mindful movement I was able to learn to connect back with my body again.  

Struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression myself, I'm passionate about mental health and bringing awareness into the impact movement and breath has on the emotional and physical health. Acknowledging that both movement and relaxation combined with breath work and support of the community can really improve our general well-being.

I love assisting with a weekly community class with Edinburgh Community Yoga, attend regular workshops to deepen my knowledge and I'm not shy to ask more experienced teachers for advise and guidance if needed. 

During my classes I do my best to recognise that everyone is different and aim to create a safe space for you to learn to observe & honour your abilities, but also all of the restrictions you might be working with on a physical or emotional level. I want my class to be a safe space for you to show up for yourself. Whether you need a good stretch or just an escape from the business of life, or a time to process stuff and just saw down the mind by getting into the body.

I believe that by being mindful on the mat you can not only become strong in your body but also become strong in your mind.

Prepare to settle into a task of feeling, passive movement with support of props to help with body alignment, breath work, meditation and relaxation. I'm also always available for cake coffee and a chat!


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