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New 2023 dates coming soon



Our Peak Performance Program is focused on one thing. Helping you reach your on personal peak performance by optimising all functions of your body by understanding them on a more in-depth level.

Whether you are an athlete or someone looking to implement positive steps into your daily routine this program is for anyone, any age, any level.

We believe balance is key to maintain consistency.

Our mission is to elevate you over burn you.

Let us educate you on how the challenges we encounter day to day can definite who we become for the rest of our lives.

Our in-depth program teaches you about intergraded training, combining classes that compliment one another, to help you reach optimal performance. While our workshops and study days are designed to educate you on fuelling effectively through nutrition, the anatomy, brain, respiratory system & woman cycle, so we feel fully supported around our training and have an understanding of all the main functions of the body to utilise and reach our own personal peak performance.

We will also focus on recovery and how to recover quickly from high intensity situations. Whether it be within fitness or our every day lives and how recovery can become a main focus to building strength.

We are not here to see you burn out and work yourself into the ground, we are here to ensure you are getting all the correct support around your movement practise so you are able to become consistent and see the positive results you are looking for. 

What is included in the program?


Strength Conditioning


Decompression Technique

Breakwork Technique


Nutritional Support

Study Days & Masterclasses

There is a weekly live online schedule to follow. We also offer pre recorded classes if unable to attend the live classes to fit around your personal schedule 


If so click the button below to be sent the Peak Performance Program

*Note this doesn't mean you are committing to anything. By clicking the button below you are simply requesting more information about the program, pricing and the layout of the 2 months

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