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200hour Vinyasa Yoga with the Sacred Fig yoga school, Bali Indonesia. 
Restorative yoga, Online yoga school.
Yin yoga training with Eva Maxine Yoga.

All Yoga Aliiance certified

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My Journey

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was 16 years old. I started practising originally to cope with anxiety and depression and to support and create space for myself during an incredibly stressful point in my life. Since then Yoga has led me in many different directions, I have trained in Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga and I love teaching all of these different styles of practice. I aim to make all my students feel safe, supported, and free to be exactly who they are.

When I’m not teaching or practising, I love being outdoors and connecting to the elements. Particularly sunshine and water, one of my favourite feelings is swimming in the sea and then afterwards being wrapped up in a blanket and drying off in the warm sun. I am also the founder of Lifestyle Yoga, we bring various yoga and movement practices into various workplaces and corporates. I love to learn new forms of movement, I was recently diagnosed with a chronic pain condition and EDS, this presented a lot of new challenges but a lot of opportunities to grow as a teacher and student.

I love incorporating strength training and Pilates techniques into my classes, and I am really interested in yoga for chronic pain.  My movement practice has evolved more and more, sometimes it doesn’t look like I’m doing any kind of particular pose,  I just move intuitively into my body, let go of expectations, and feel whatever I need to feel. I too am I firm believer in the expression ‘Movement heals.’ So, I love being part of the movement house, and I am a firm believer in our ethos and what we represent.


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