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Recovery is usually associated with healing or after high intensity training, and as much as this is important it is equally important to acknowledge the benefits of recovery in our everyday lives. 

Our focus is to bring recovery to the forefront of your training/movement/exercise and your day to day lives. We will teach you the importance of deloading what has built up over time (remember the body keeps score), through mindful daily recovery techniques and movements while helping you set new mindset to help bring clarity and focus. Recovery will help remove stress and tension while exploring your ability to shift from an intense state into a more relaxed state of mind and body.

"Live less out of habit

and more out of 


3 fundementals


Our approach to recovery is where it begins.

We must first believe that we are all deserving of recovery in our everyday lives.

Recovery is important after high intensity training but also after a long day.

What we have built up and stored over the day needs to be deloaded to ensure we are working from a place of preparation. 

Let us help you change your approach to how recovery can become the main fundamental to strengthening your mind & body.


Over use or lack of use of our muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, fascia 

& mind all need time to repair.

Focusing on the anatomy on a deeper level we are able to create healthy patterns that can be implemented into our everyday lives and help us to repair what doesn't get used enough or what has been over used. This will in turn help prevent injury while learning how to work with recurring injuries.


Our preparation plays a key factor in how we approach each new day.

Through recovery we are able not only to repair but prepare the body and mind.

Our focus on deep relaxation during our classes shifts us into preparation mode, allowing us to hold residence in the parasympathetic system while making us more prepared for stressful situations. We will teach you how to transition from a state of high intensity to a state of deep relaxation and how this can be used to improve your every day lives.

Regular classes that include recovery education



07:00am - 07:45am



18:30pm - 19:30pm

Spinal Flowbility


07:00am - 07:45am

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