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We believe there are two fundamentals to building resilience, first is the ability to be adaptable to the ever changing situations that we face day to day and our approach and reactions to these changes.

Adaptability is a crucial factor in life. We are here to teach you how to become more versatile, flexible and dynamic in body & mind.

Helping you feel comfortable with exploring new ways of moving and thinking, while inviting the imperfections in.  As once we are perfect we become stagnate and no longer do we grow. 

Building resilience teaches us about our ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations by changing the way we approach them, making us more resilient and prepared within our training/movement/exercises and day to day lives. 

Our focus, to strengthen and stabilise the body and mind.

"The human capacity for burden is like bamboo - far more flexible than you'd ever believe at first glance"

3 fundementals


Before we can begin to build resilience we must first shift our mindset into believing we are capable.

What our brain creates our muscle will follow.

The mindset is what can cause the resistance against working to your full potential.

We will teach you easy and clear steps how to first calm and control the mind and then how to apply this into your training/movement/exercise and day to day lives.


A flexible mind = a flexible body.

It's simple, believe you will touch your toes and you will touch your toes.

It starts with the commitment to yourself first and foremost.

If you are really looking to implement positive steps towards building a body & mind that is intelligent, adaptable and resilient then your approach will need to be flexible.


To see results we need to put in the work.

First we must acknowledge the patterns and habits that we are looking to break free from.

Create realistic steps that allow to elevate us over burn us and help maintain consistency. 

We will teach you what is needed around your fitness & training to feel fully supported. With this knowledge and understanding you will be able to maintain a consistent routine and create new patterns.

Regular classes that include resilience training

Full Body Engagement Flow


19:00pm - 20:00pm

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