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Our most powerful tool in our bodies is our breath, and rarely do we use it to our advantage. It is probably the most challenging part of our physical and mental practice is to maintain a connection consistently. When we work with understanding the respiratory system and its functions we are then able to utilise the breath to it's most advantage throughout physical movement but also our everyday lives. Making us more adaptable to stress and anxiety. These classes are to help teach you first and foremost the importance of the breath but also its power. Helping to understand the respiratory system, it's anatomy and functionality, while benefiting your movement practice.


"Our breath is a fragile vessel
that carries us from
birth to death"

The 3  fundamentals


Our focus is to help you connect and control your breath by understanding the mechanics of the respiratory system and how to use it to perform better under stress. We will then teach you how to translate this into your movement practise, training and everyday lives.


Helping you understand the capacity of the breath. To grasp this first we must learn its functions and our response to them.

Once we understand this fully we can then utilise the capacity of our breath to

perform better under pressure and within dynamic movement or fitness practices.


How can you understand you're capabilities if you don't understand the functions of your body?

Indeed athletes are born but their capabilities to perform at such a high level is only reached with dedications, commitment and understanding.

We believe if you understand what is accessible to you, then you will also understand your capabilities to perform at your desired level.

Regular classes that include respiratory education


Mondays, Wednesdays + Fridays

06:45am - 07:00am

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