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Sampuran Gill

Mixed Movement + Yoga Guide


500 hours Hatha/Vinyasa at Rishikesh Yog Peeth, Rishikesh, India

50 hours Budokon Yoga

100 hours Budokon Mobility (to be certified soon)

(Yoga Alliance Certified)

Social Media

Instagram @sampuranyoga

My Journey

My passion for martial arts led me to yoga as I was looking for a way to help my body move and recover better for my next martial arts class. Practicing both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and yoga has made me a more confident, calm, motivated, determined person and helped me become who I am today. Yoga has helped me feel much better in my body and mind and also helped understand and recognize negative thought patterns I sometimes fall into and become more accepting of who I am as a person.

I knew yoga would help with some of my injuries and improve my flexibility but I did not expect it to have such a profound effect on my mind. The body-breath-mind connection that is maintained throughout the yoga practice gives me a deep calming feeling that is very hard to replicate and is a big part of why I fell in love with yoga.


One of the most beneficial things I've learned from yoga and been able to apply day-to-day and in martial arts training is the ability to control my breath and stay calm while in some pretty stressful situations, both physically and mentally. When we manage to control our breath under stress we can think and act more clearly and efficiently.
I believe that with a consistent yoga practice, we can all experience better performance, improved health, and a greater peace of mind.

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