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Sampuran Gill

Mixed Movement + Yoga Guide


500 hours Hatha/Vinyasa at Rishikesh Yog Peeth, Rishikesh, India

50 hours Budokon Yoga

100 hours Budokon Mobility (to be certified soon)

(Yoga Alliance Certified)

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My Journey

A few years ago I decided to take voluntary redundancy from my job as a Mechanical Engineer so that I could make the career change I always wanted.

I took my first yoga class almost 10 years ago as I knew that it would help with my aches and pains and improve my flexibility but I did not expect it to have such a profound effect on my mind. I find that the body-breath-mind connection that is maintained throughout the yoga practise gives me a deep calming feeling that is very hard to replicate and it is part of the reason why I fell in love with yoga.

I used to practise yoga just to help me prepare for my next martial arts class but now it has become much more than that. It is a way for me to relieve stress and tension in my mind and body and it also helps increase my mental strength, focus, determination as well as improve my muscular strength, flexibility and balance. It has had such a large impart on my life as a whole and practising yoga has definitely helped me become the person I am today.

Practising both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and yoga has helped me become a more confident, calm, motivated, determined person. These skills and attributes that I gained over the past 10 years have been incredibly useful when applied to other areas of my life and it has had such a large impact on me as a whole that I recently decided to teach the practice of yoga for a living.

When I was younger I struggled with eating disorders and if it wasn't for yoga and jiu jitsu I would not be where I am or the person that I am today.
During my late teens I was bulimic and regularly chewing food and spitting it out. After a few occasions of throwing up blood I decided to become anorexic instead, somehow thinking that was a better health choice. I was doing this so that I could be thinner and look better than I did as I cared so much of what people thought of me and what I looked like.

Ultimately it was a desire to become better at jiu jitsu that made me change my ways. I wanted to practice martial arts more frequently and I wanted my body to be stronger, faster and healthier overall.
The yoga practice helped me to understand and recognise the negative thought patterns I was having and become more accepting of who I am as a person. My daily yoga practice is vital in maintaining the mental strength to keep these disorders at bay.

I have been practising Jiu-Jitsu since I was 19 and I pretty much fell in love with it during my first class.  A large part of Jiu-Jitsu is being able to solve problems that are constantly changing while under extreme stress. It encourages you to use a rational trial and error method and gives you a problem solving mind set which I think can be applied throughout life itself. It is a personal goal of mine to compete and win at the highest level in Jiu-Jitsu and to do this I regularly travel and train around the world. So far I have trained and competed in Brazil, America, Portugal and the UK and I have won 10 Gold, 8 Silver and 4 Bronze medals so far. I train at The Griphouse and I'm currently a purple belt under Garry Christie.

I think one of the most beneficial things I've learned from yoga and been able to apply day-to-day and in martial arts training is the ability to control my breath and stay calm while in some pretty stressful situations, both physically and mentally. When we manage to control our breath while under stress we can think and act more clearly and efficiently.
I believe that with a consistent yoga practice, we can all experience better performance, improved health, and a greater peace of mind.