Who is this for: Anyone


Surya meaning Sun, combines strength, flow and breath work, while dipping its toes into an element of Hatha, by encouraging stillness in postures to take time to feel and process, while keeping a strong connection to your breath. 


Usually one creative sequence per month to build on, this vibrant practise will help you focus inwards in the moments of challenge, and helping you to connect deeper with your physical abilities, while building strength through dynamic movement.


Who is this for: Anyone


This practise is more endurance training and cardiovascular focused. helping to strengthen, tone and shred. 


All classes start slowly, encouraging safe movement and form over speed. It is then up to you to take this to the next level of intensity. 


Dynamic movements that will work the full body, offering those modifications so all can practise and build strength with confidence. 


This is an energising class, done to a banging playlist and is guaranteed to leave you feeling buzzing, focused and capable of anything for your day ahead.

FULL BODY ENGAGEMENT FLOW (this class isn't available currently on our new schedule)

Who is this for: Suggested a minimum of 6 months regular movement practice.


Ever felt like you want to be the best version of yourself? Well if so then all you need is that incredible instrument they call the body. 


This practise will delve into strength, intelligence and capabilities of the body. Focusing on understanding full body engagement, through dynamic and creative mixed movement, helping open the mind to how we approach our bodies and how we use them to their advantage.


A strong body = a strong mind.

STRENGTH MOBILITY BREATH (this class isn't available currently on our new schedule)

Who is this for: Anyone


When movement patterns settle into the fascia of the body (causing tugs and lines of pull), function tends to be compromised, efficiency tends to be reduced, and 'effortless' tends to become 'effort-full'.


A functional movement approach to our asana (postures) practice can help us intelligently, creatively and systematically strengthen and stretch, stabilise and mobilise, unwind and unbind...enabling us to once again move freely.


In life (work, play, sport, sleep, etc) we often find ourselves operating in only one or two planes of movement (often in the forward flexion portion of the sagittal plane and maybe one direction of transverse plane). Whereas, over the course of an intelligently sequenced yoga class we will strengthen, stretch, stabilise and mobilise in all planes of movement: sagittal (flexion and extension), coronal (abduction and adduction) and transverse (rotation).


This class is aimed at finding the relationship between breath and movement, is suitable for all levels and will build weekly to give you a sequence of asanas that will help you maintain a strong, safe and long-lasting practice.


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