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Raising awareness of trauma & PTSD

in children and young adults

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Lisa's Swim

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What is the challenge?

Lisa the founder of The Movement House will embark on a challenge of a life time and begin her 4 year journey of becoming the first person to swim around all 5 of the Balearic Island in awareness of trauma and PTSD in children and young adults . Lisa is currently in training and the first swim will begin in July 2021. 

The islands

Cabrera 25km, Formentera 72km, Menorca 185km, Ibiza 260km, Mallorca 312km


The Movement House Mission

To use the swim to build awareness of the issues raised in vulnerable children and adults dealing with trauma and PTSD. Connecting with charities focused on trauma and PTSD in children and young adults to help with events, talks and projects through the swim, while aiming to find a way into schools to help support vulnerable children and keep them focused and motivated on reaching their dreams. 

We are currently building a program through The Movement House which is specifically for children and young adults who have encounter trauma. This program will help to educate children and young adults on their capabilities through understanding their bodies and minds in a fun and educational way, helping them take back control and have guidance towards reaching their dreams. 

Lisa's Story

Long distance open water swimming has been a love of Lisa's for over 18 years. She started out as a competitive swimmer when she was younger and competed in backstroke and butterfly for her county but as she is in no way in competition with others she soon realised this wasn't the path for her. 

Lisa first got into open water swimming from growing up in Ibiza and being surrounded with the beauty and wonder of the meditterean sea. She would find herself heading out for swims of 8k and returning to shore after 15-20k and quickly began to find a pure love and connection for the vast open water but more than anything Lisa began to notice the positive effects it was having on her mental health and PTSD. 

With all the hours she has spent alone in the water with just her thoughts for many kilometres, Lisa started to think that if long distance open water swimming is able to bring her out of moments of despair and help her take control back from her PTSD what else could help and how could this be implemented in helping others, children, our next generation?

She then became focused on the idea of someone acting as an advocate and speaking up for children and young adults experiencing trauma and PTSD. Lisa's mission is to listen, support and help children and young adults discover their calling, while helping guide them to find their control over trauma and to a brighter future. A future we all deserve.

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