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Image by Annie Spratt


A weekend of Workshops with Lisa Shaw 


29th, 30th, 31st



The Space Between Dublin, Ireland


Detox €22 | Pt1 €35 | Pt2 €35

Both Pt1 & Pt2


All 3


Friday 29th Oct

90 min Detox

Who is this for: Anyone


More specific: Beneficial for anyone with IBS or digestion issues, auto immune disorders, back issues, high stress levels, anxiety. 


Sports: Beneficial for all spots and movement 


Class Description:

Over this next 90 minutes you will be taken on a journey to begin the detoxification of your body & mind. 


This class focuses on delaoding what we have stored over the week past, to ensure we are free from stress, tension and toxins as we head into the weekend ahead. 


Starting with a self lymphatic massage, to begin the process of transporting fluid and waste around the body. We will then delve deeper into movement. Focusing on the Lymphatic & Digestive System. Working specifically on small & large intestines, kidneys, liver and heart. 


Finishing by practising the art of Pratyahara the whitdrawl from the senses and connecting to our inner peace. Within this allowing for the "Repair to Prepare Theory" created by Lisa Shaw Founder of The Movement House to take full effect. 


My Mission:

To help you hold residence in the parasympathetic mode, while understanding the importance of deloading what has built up overtime and how recovery can become the foundation to your everyday lives and towards building more strength, flexibility & consistency  over time. 

Saturday 30th Oct

Slow + Steady Wins The Race


Who is this for: Beginners to advance, including teachers. Practitioners should have a basic understanding of yoga and the beginning foundations of primary asana. Although complete beginners are more than welcome.

Delving into the intelligent integration of strength and recovery through full body engagement movement. 


This workshop will explore the only one tool we need to build strength. The body. While teaching you how to build a body that is intelligent, adaptable and resilient. 


To be able to do this we must first look at our response to high intensity situation and our ability to recover fast from a high intensity situation. To become more resilient we must first ignite our intelligence and utilise it to its fullest, learn to be open and adaptable to the ever changing through movement and learn to shift ourselves from an intense situation into a calm mindset. The recovery process plays a key factor in this and is what will allow you to approach you're practise in a whole new way, while learning how to apply this to your everyday lives. 


We will focus on using our other senses rather than our sense of sight, an awakening of the unconscious  Tapping deeper into the connection to our bodies and minds to help feel our way rather than see our way. 


We will learn how to move safely with control, exploring our full range of movement which gives way for a strong practise, that will leave you in a state of meditation, a deeper connection to your body and feeling fully worked and content.


Incorporating breathing techniques, alignment, grounding, transition and mobility, this workshop will help you begin to take a deeper step into what is accessible to you through your practise, encouraging you to unleash your capabilities and full potential within each movement. 


How will this translate into your everyday practise. 

I will provide you with the knowledge and tools to be conscious in every step you take within your movement practise and everyday lives. Once you have explored what is accessible to you, the easy option will be to turn back, the wider more expansive option will be too utilise. 


Once we have the understanding and tools, suddenly our capabilities are far more stretched than we could have first imagined. 

Sunday 31st Oct

Primal Instinct 


Who is this for: Beginners to advance, including teachers. Practitioners should have a basic understanding of yoga and the beginning foundations of primary asana. Although complete beginners are more than welcome.


Following on from Pt1 'Slow + Steady' this workshop is all about exploring our primal Instinct. The clear and close relationship between human and animal locomotion. 


Your primal brain (hinbrain and medulla) is responsible for survival, drive and instinct. When your primal brain is engaged (sympathetic response), your modern brain is not working much. This workshop teaches us the benefits not only of activating the primal brain but moving in a primal way. allowing us to escape the stresses and strains of modern life and become more playful within our movement. 


We will explore the importance of play and how this can be translated into our everyday lives. Breaking the patterns of movement we have become custom to and thinking outside the box and helping us to understand how primal (quadruped) movement can in some ways be more beneficial to us as homosapian and the human body.   


This workshop will explore Primal Movement, Animal Locomotion and Play. We will combine all these disciplines to move in a smooth and dynamic way just like a primal animal on the hunt. 


Expect to have fun, laugh, be challenged, playful, build strength and awareness and to release the animal within you. 

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